How I experienced the interview process at CoderPush

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How I experienced the interview process at CoderPush


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Last Thursday was my first of work at CoderPush. Let me share with you a little bit of my experience with their interview process.


Honestly, I can say that this is my first full-time job after three years of working as a freelancer. Most of the companies I joined during those three years of freelancing were contract-based and did not offer the same benefits as companies where you work on-site. In the job description and website, they showcased a remote-first lifestyle with benefits, which instantly appealed to me. The position they were hiring for was Flutter, which I had little experience in, but that didn't stop me from applying for this position because I was confident that with my extensive experience in mobile programming, I could persuade them. I have completed a few Flutter projects in the past, but they were primarily samples for honing my skills. The only real-world Flutter project I have been involved in is the Analytics & Advertising framework, which is not an actual application.

I believe I have discovered a company that aligns with my professional objectives, offering long-term remote work opportunities, comprehensive benefits, and the chance to collaborate on Flutter projects with experienced colleagues for further skill development. In particular, this organization is based in Vietnam and is owned by Vietnamese individuals. In my past experiences, I have encountered companies predominantly owned by non-Vietnamese individuals, which resulted in limited opportunities for cultural connection and integration. My proficiency in English, while sufficient for professional communication, has posed challenges in establishing friendships and networking with international colleagues.

Upon conducting a thorough assessment of my expertise in Dart and Flutter over an extended period, I confidently submitted my application to the organization. Shortly thereafter, I was pleased to receive an invitation to participate in an interview.

Interview process

They had a very clear and strict process. I had to meet many different people in the company, from HR to team leader, COO, CTO, and even the COO of the partner they were working with. Most people were friendly and asked me quite a bit about why I applied for this position, and it wasn't too difficult for me to express all my thoughts. I had to complete an assignment to demonstrate my skills, and fortunately, I managed to do it well enough to pass. Even the team leader appeared impressed by the way I structured my project.

When everything seemed to be progressing smoothly and I was considering the possibility of receiving an offer, the HR department informed me that they required additional information to verify my employment history. Specifically, they requested that I provide two references - which could be colleagues, friends, or previous managers - so that they could engage in further discussions and develop greater confidence in the candidate they were considering for the position.

I respectfully declined their request, despite being able to provide more than what they asked for, simply because I did not want to inconvenience others solely for the sake of my job application. After consulting with several old colleagues, they advised me not to overemphasize the issue and expressed their willingness to assist if I were to request their help.

From my perspective, referencing a candidate's past does not significantly contribute to the company's value, and I altered my decision because I believe that it is unlikely for a company to change its recruitment process for an individual. With the assistance of two former colleagues and the patience of the HR department at CoderPush, I received an offer.

Regarding the salary, of course, I cannot provide you with an exact figure, but I can tell you that it is approximately half of the income I received at my previous company. However, as mentioned earlier, I do not have extensive experience with Flutter, and I need to enhance my skills in this area, so their offer becomes reasonable. Furthermore, programming is not my primary source of income, and my goal is to pursue my passion rather than solely focusing on monetary gains.

In conclusion

Personally, there was only one thing in the recruitment process that I found unfavorable, the lack of clarity regarding reference checks in both the job description and the initial call. This can be uncomfortable for candidates (like myself), and worse, a candidate's refusal to provide references could lead to a significant waste of time for both.

All other aspects of the recruitment process were exceptional, clear, and well-organized. There were numerous online calls to discuss the company's vision, mission, and culture comprehensively. I feel fortunate to have not missed this opportunity.

I will elaborate further on my onboarding experience at CoderPush in a separate, forthcoming article.